“Where were you?” My friend asked.

“Travelling and exploring.” I simply stated.

“Oh!” He exclaimed. “That’s nice. What places have you travelled?”

I thought deeply about your eyes. “I have seen vast blue oceans.”

“Were they beautiful or dangerous?” He asked as I passed him a glass of beer.

“Definitely dangerous. If you go deep in them, you may get lost.”

“Sounds thrilling.”

“It was.” I took sip of my own beer. The sour taste reminding me of your aggressive nature. But I need more. I need you.

“Hmm. And after that?” He asked. His eyes looking at me with curiosity.

“After that? I travelled to snow covered lands.” Oh yes. Your skin was just like a snow. Cold, soft and easily molded under the touch of my hands.

He scoffed. Obviously not believing me. “You hate cold weather.”

I smiled. He knew me to well. “But I think it’s not that bad.”

“Not that bad? You hit your head somewhere. I know you can’t survive cold.” He put his empty glass in the sink.

“Maybe. I have travelled wonderful places this time.” I said finishing my drink. You took me to places I didn’t imagine existed till now. We were so high. Feeling so free. It felt like the world was mine.

“Whatever. So you coming to game this weekend?” He asked putting on his jacket.

“Nah. Have some things to do.” I walked him to the front door.

“Like what?”

I smirked, “Some places are yet to be explored.”


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