LGBT Pride Month

The month of June is celebrated the world over as LGBT Pride month. This year marks the 49th year since the historic Stonewall Rebellion, which is considered the turning point for the struggle for equal rights for members of the LGBT community. Various aspects of the movement, such as pride parades, have been popular ever since 1970 and in several parts of the world, including India. However as compared to other countries the LGBT community is still struggling to come out of the closet.

Homophobic attitudes persist in Indian society and the LGBT community faces discrimination from their families, employers, the police and society in general. There is some openness towards homosexuality in urban areas but it remains a taboo in rural areas.

In 2009, adult consensual homosexual relations were decriminalised in the Indian Penal Code. This ruling by the Delhi High Court was seen as a landmark in the Indian gay rights movement. In December 2013, however, the reintroduction of Section 377 of the Indian penal code re-criminalised homosexual.

Pride Parades In India


India has hosted various pride parades since decriminalising of Section 377 in 2009. The first ever parade was held in Kolkata in year 1999. The parades held since 2008 are-

  • Bengluru Pride (2008)
  • Chennai Pride (2009)
  • Bhubaneshwar Pride (2009)
  • Delhi Queer Pride Parade (2008)
  • Mumbai Queer Azadi March (2008)
  • Pune Pride (2011)
  • Ahmedabad Pride Parade (2009)
  • Kerala Queer Pride (2010)
  • Bhawani Patna Pride (2012)
  • Guwahti Queer Pride Parade (2014)
  • Coachin Queer Pride (2014)
  • Surat LGBT Pride Parade (2013)
  • Barode Pride (2014)
  • Kerala Queer Pride (2015)
  • Orange City LGBT Pride March, Nagpur (2016)
  • Awadh Pride, Lucknow (2017)

Indian Pride Parade’s have a tradition of wearing masks or painting their faces to hide it from friends and family but this tradition broke in 2011 Pune Pride where Queers were asked to dress professionaly.



Two of the main LGBT organisation in India are-


  • Bombay Dost was India’s first gay magazines launched in 1990
  • Pink Pages is a national gay and lesbian magazine
  • Galaxy is a LGBT magazine in Kolkata.


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7 thoughts on “LGBT Pride Month

  1. This was a really eye-opening cultural perspective on LBGTQ life. I tend to see Pride Month from an American-centric point of view, so I didn’t even realize homosexuality was re-criminalized in India. This is a really important conversation to have on the global scale.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Love is done by heart. Whom we love we have no control over it. It can by any one. Restriction on Homosexual Community is just one of many other causes creating a barrier in love in India. It is yet to be mentally changed and developed.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the informative post. It blows my mind that in some places, love is illegal. Then I think about my own country, where marriage equality was non-existent until recently. Even though humans still have such a long way to go, it’s hopeful to see that we continue to make small strides.

    Liked by 2 people

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