Musings Of A Heart #4

Letting You Go-

Letting you go is watching you leave.

With pleading heart, red eyes, tear-stained face, golf ball stuck in my throat and knot in the pit of my stomach.

Watching you pack our life together in one suitcase.

Making it lighter by leaving me behind.
You left the door open for my next.

I closed it shut. Put on a lock.

You left but your memories…. they are with me.

I put them in a wooden box wrap it in a satin cloth with a lace bow on top and a card addressed to your next lover…

“Just so you know…

Letting him go was hard

But loving him was harder…

But worth it.

worth every tear, every smile…

I couldn’t make him stay

I hope you do.”

I don’t know how long I will take to mail it.

But with every breath  I am letting you go.

No hatred, no grudges 

Only love with a tinge of sadness.

 From a girl who is trying to let go.

~~ Chesta


​I’ve been strong for long enough

But holding on has completely destroyed me.

So I’m letting you go now.

Though it is a weird and strange feeling

But being with you was even stranger

I’ll try to forget the past and embrace the future.

A future without you.

I’m moving on with a hope that I’ll find a new happily forever.

A forever without you.

~~ neetikaalways


Feature Image Credit: the_forscher // ig


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