She was sitting silent in a corner

All her hopes already given up

Her eyes were emotionless, hair all messed up


Days, weeks or maybe months passed

She has lost the count of days

She was held captive here by her loved ones


Four dull coloured walls surrounded her

Blocked her from the outer world

Her body forgetting how fresh air felt like


Her hands fumbled with her hair-pin

The pin is often used as a tool

Same design carved almost everywhere


A lone tear slowly rolled down her cheek

She closed her eyes tightly

She can’t take this loneliness anymore


It all happened in a matter of a second

The pin she had moved across her wrist

several scars imprinting on her pale skin


Then the pin dropped from her hands

Followed by the droplets of blood

And then her body slumping on the ground


She laid there smiling but lifeless

No more walls decorated with his name

She was finally free from everything, even him.


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