Pharsaphobia: Don’t Prank Me

It’s April Fools Day and who doesn’t like to prank  others on this day. You can’t be scolded for the pranks you pull  around today.  But be careful that you might not scare them to  death. But why would someone die from a small prank? It’s just a prank after all, right? No. It maybe small for you but some people have fear of getting pranked. They have a fear that the prank may turnout real and they are terrified at this thought. They are sufferers of Pharsaphobia.


Pharsaphobia is the fear of pranks. Pharsa (farsa) is a greek termwhich means Pranks. The phobia is almost exclusively suffered by children, commonly caused by being told of practical jokes that they think is real and scare them. They would stay away from people that may prank them. On April 1, sufferers may hide themselves from anybody as people commonly do pranks on April Fool’s Day. They only show themselves to those, whom they trust to not get pranked by.

There is not much to tell about this phobia but surely that look out for those who are afraid of being pranked because unknowingly you may give them a reason to hide forever from others.


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