R.I.P. WOLVERINE- Logan Review

Logan is the last movie in the wolverine series. Oh god! No more wolverine. Shit… I’m realising it now. Hold on a second, let it sink.




Okay. Let’s start now.

Logan is 2017 American superhero film featuring Marvel Comics character, Wolverine. The film distributed by 20th Century Fox is the tenth installment in X-men Series and in nine of which Logan was present and the third and last in Wolverine series. It is directed by James Mangold, who co-wrote screenplay along with Scott Frank and Michael Green.

The plot being set 2029, the mutants are at the brink of extinction because for last 20 years no new mutant has been born. Logan(Hugh Jackman) along with another mutant Caliban (Stephen Merchant) live on the outskirts of Mexico who together take care of a senile Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) , who during a seizure attack a year back killed many of his X-men.

Logan himself is now an Old Man Logan because his healing factor has faltered due to adamantium poisining. Now he works as a limo-driver in the city and is earning money so that he could buy a ship and leave the land as soon as possible with Xavier and Caliban.

In the movie, Logan is shown suicidal because now he has no more reasons left to live. His most of the time is spend drinking or driving. He has lost his power to fight efficiently and is beaten brutally. But still he fights even though in the opening scene his claws are stuck.

Well the reason for him to fight appears in the movie as a 11 year-old girl Laura (Dafne Keen) who is a mutant itself and has same powers as of Logan. She is X-23 formed by a virus under Transigen program. There are more children formed like her.

These children ran away and Laura has to reach North Dakota to meet them at Eden. Which is a save heaven for these new mutants and ran by Rictor, one of the child. From there they will go to Canada forever. Logan is shown reading X-men’s comic and so he thinks Eden is just an imaginary place.

In the movie it is revealed that Laura has Logan’s DNA. So that makes Logan her Dad. Logan is cold-hearted towards her but by the end of the movie he accepts her and protects her and rest of the children from their killers- Transigen’s cheif-of-security, Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) and his men, the Reavers.


Logan’s character has been in X-men series for 17 years, in which he learnt about his powers, used for an experiment, fell in love, fought, humoured and lost his love and friends

Logan being the last movie in the wolverine series director James Mangold didn’t hold back in action or swearing. The movie was ‘R’ rated so there was no offense in using words like ‘fuck’, ‘shit’ or ‘motherfucker’.
Talking about action, the actions were more detailed and the scenes like cutting-off head from it’s body were shown too unlike any previous wolverine movies. The child actor, Dafne Keen, has given incredible action shots as a new mutant.

Dafne’s acting is credible, seeing it was her first movie, she was no less than Jackman or Stewart. Hugh Jackman has also played his character marvellously. In the movie, he played the role of weak, old and dying man and it was different from a role what usually a superhero plays.

The movie showcased a father-daughter bonding. Logan doesn’t accepts her first but his gradual growing bonding with Laura can be clearly seen. And Laura, who for the most of the movie plays the role of a mute girl, accepts him as her father. The love of Xavier and Logan as great friends or teacher-student can also be seen too. 
This movie was successful in showing what it wanted to showcase. ‘What happens when a superhero gets old’. The plot had everything love, anger, grief and friendship.


▪The opening scene, which of course was a fight scene. The scene clearly shows tha Logan has grown old and his powers and abilities are diminishing day by day.

▪The scene where Caliban bombs Donald’s van and risks his life for Logan and Laura. It showed his bond of friendship with Logan.

▪Charles burial scene was an very emotional. Luara’s support on Logan’s breakdown showed that he was not alone on the world.

▪Next scene is when Laura asks Logan to rest for a while as he is tired from all the events that happened lately and is sleepy while driving. The care she had for him as daughter can be seen in this scene.
▪The scene in which Laura calls Logan ‘daddy’ for the first time and he is on the verge of dying and ‘Laura’ being Logan’s last words. The scene is most heart-touching. I literally have no words for that scene. 

▪The last scene also had it own importance. In the scene, when Laura turns the christ’s cross on the Logan’s grave to an X shows that everything that Charles taught has been passed to a new generation. Hence marked a new beginning.

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