Is Silence A Sound?

via Daily Prompt: Sound


In this world of blasts, one needs his own peace. We are surrounded by various sounds since the day we started listening. Murmurs, whispers, yells, shouts, lullabies, talks. Everything on this planet is responsible for some kind of sound.

‘Which is the best sound?’ If we look around, sorry listen around, we may find no other best sound than a mother’s lullaby, a dad’s praise and a sibling’s bickering but they are still the second best. The first one is Silence.

It is the best sound needed in one’s solitude. Eliminating any other sound, silence is the one that helps us. Helps us to analyse ourselves and our surroundings. It helps us to cool down. But silence not soundproof too. We are distracted by the ticking of a clock, chirping of a bird, creaking of the door pr even rustling of the leaves.

Silence is a Sound too.

Silence is a form of sound. Because in the moment of silence, leave the exterior sound, our inner sounds distracts us too. Being a human we have a tendancy to talk to our inner self. Whatever we brag about silence, there will be sound, somewhere, by someone, even it’s you.


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