Your way

The way you looked at me for the first time made my heart skip a beat.

The way you said my name sent shivers running down my spine.

The way you laughed at my silly jokes made me smile.

The way you smiled for me made my sad moments fade away.

The way you kissed me senselessly made me forget the whole world.

The way you cared for me made me a little more careless.

The way you touched me made me feel most vulnerable.

The way you were there for me made me feel most special.

But where are you now when I need you the most.

Where are you now that I need to forget this damn world.

Where are you when I need to be held while I feel vulnerable.

I feel lonely in this world of so many faces.

I feel useless without you beside me.

Things were best your way, come back and take me back in your loving arms.

[None of the above pic is owned by me]


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