Teenager’s Post: Being Single

Valentine’s week is here. Yayyy!!! So what should I do? Let me think…. mmm… maybe send chocolates to my boyfriend and spend a lovey-dovey week with him. Hold on a second, how will all this be possible because I don’t have a boyfriend. I am SINGLE……

So let me think again how will I spend my valentine’s week. It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy. Simply wear my PJ’s, grab a novel and a cup of hot coffee and make myself comfortable on my dear bed. Or maybe waste my time googling things for passing my time. And I decided to go with the second option today on first day of this week, googling random things. I stopped at Teenager Posts. No one can deny about not having heard of Teenager Post, if you do you are of a different planet.

So as I was saying, I stopped at Teenager Posts and here is the result of it. 10 posts of Teenager Posts about Being Single…. Enjoy.

  • I am in a relationship.

  • Do whatever I want to do.

  • Let’s talk about something else.

  • I hate those messages. So do they.

  • I am hot so I don’t need anyone else.

  • I am praying for him.

  • It’s taking too long.

  • Getting to sappy.

  • So true.

  • Moment of jealousy.

So singles out there. Enjoy your valentine week without any drama.


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