Guess what happened on Saturday night? I had a dream. Just a dream? What’s the big deal about it? Well, for me it is because for me dreams are rare, very rare. I have dreams once or twice in several months. So, I decided to skim through Google about the meaning of my forlorn dream and to say the result I got was hilarious will not be wrong at all.

Do you want to know about my dream? Yes. Oh! Excuse me. It is exclusively mine, something personal and I’ll like to keep it that way. Moving on, let’s discuss about the facts that I found out about dreams.
Here are 10 common facts about dreams. Read, enjoy and dream.

  • You forget 90% of your dreams- This is the most common fact that you will find out. It is said that there is a time limit to how much you can remember about your dream. Within five minutes of your waking up from deep slumber you start forgetting your dream and in ten minutes 90% of your dream is vanished. The person only tends to remember a dream when he wakes up suddenly during his REM Stage.*

    • Blind people can dream- It is the most common fact. Somewhere back in school, our biology teacher told us about(and we didn’t listen). So as I was saying, blind people can dream. If they are born blind instead of using images they dream using other senses such as smell, sound, touch etcetera to dream. If a person became blind after birth then they dream like a normal person.
    • Dreams are for everyone- Everyone dreams. Everyone. There isn’t a person alive who doesn’t dream. If one thinks that he/she doesn’t dreams, it’s just that they are forgetting their dreams or else they have a psychological disorder. So I think my case is the first one and I’m forgetting my dreams because I don’t have psychological disorders. Or maybe I have!! (I’ll surely get a doctor’s appointment as soon as possible.

      • No one is a stranger- The faces we see in dreams are those we have already seen in our life time. Some maybe regular faces while some maybe a distinct memory. Overall they are the faces that our mind has seen somewhere at somepoint. So no one in our dream is a stranger.
      • Having a black and white dream- Studies prove that 12% of sighted people are likely to have black and white dream while others have it a way too colourful. It is being said that people who watched b&w television had b&w dreams more often. In the present time, the percentage has reduced to 4.4% because of more exposure to coloured media.

        • Dreams are symbolic- If we tend to dream about something particular then it has a deep meaning behind it. Dreams speak deep symbolic language. But the fact here is that the most of the times the meaning of that symbol is exactly opposite to what we see in the dream. Confusing!!!
        • Paralysis mechanism- A normal person dreams about 90 to 120 minutes, i.e., about 20% to 25% of total sleep. During this period our body gets paralysed only to prevent us from doing actions that occour in our dream. Only our eyes move  during this period and this called REM period.
        • Déjà vu- We all had dreams that were literally of no use but few days after the same thing happens and we are shocked. Well that’s what we call precognitive dream. 18% to 38% of people are said to have such dreams out which 70% experience a déjà vu

        • Gender differences- This is one interesting fact. Dreams too have gender discrimination. 70% of any men’s dream is about men only while women dream equally about both the gender. Wow!! Just wow.
        • Multiple dreams at night- A person can have 7-8 dreams during his REM period but the fact is that after he wakes up he will remeber only one or none.

        *REM Stage- Rapid Eye Movement Sleep. This is the time of sleep when one is dreaming and his body is completely paralysed. The only movement present is the eye-movement.

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