Bollywood: Horror Re-watched

Any film industry is incomplete without the Horror Genre and so is Bollywood. 68 years back in 1949 Bollywood industry released it’s first horror movie Mahal.  

Nobody can deny that they have not watched a horror movie in their life. It can be a movie like Bees Saal Baad or even a 2016 movie Phobia. And atleast once after watching these movies you must have said, “Mummy! Darr lag raha hai.” 

They can be your reason to have sleepless nights. They can cause you fear things you used to love. They can make you tremble on any single sound even it is creaking of the door. That’s what any horror story does to you. Here are the list of few horror movies one must watch:

  • Veerana(1988)

  • Makdee(2002)

  • Krishna Cottage(2004)

  • Darna Zaroori Hai(2006)

  • 1920(2008)

  • 13B: Fear has a new address(2009)

  • Shaapit(2010)

  • Kaalo(2010)

  • Ek Thi Daayan(2013)

  • Darr @ the Mall(2014)

    Now who is so gutsy to watch any of them alone tonight?


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