Bollywood Vintage: Top 5 Villians

‚ÄčThey’re mean, they’re bad, they’re scary, and they are felonious. Yes, they are Bollywood’s iconic villains. They always have these great minds that create devious plan to distraught the love story of the protagonist and without them there is no meaning to a movie.

Amrish Puri, Amjad Khan, Danny Denzongpa are few of the most remembered villians of all the time. The fierceness of these antagonists have created a vibe of excitement and thrill in every Indian citizen.

Here, these are Top 5 most iconic villians of all the time.

  • Amjad Khan(Gabbar)

First of all is Amjad Khan, now how can someone ignore and forget his role of Gabbar Singh, a dacoit in village of Ramgarh, in 1975 film Sholay

Amjad Khan was a second choice for this film. First was Danny Denzongpa but due to his busy schedule he could not shoot for this film. The role of Gabbar was a turning point in Amjad Khan’s career. It helped him to rise to fame.

Gabbar’s language was a mixture of Hindi and North India’s Khariboli. It was something new for the audiences so th edialogues were an instant hit. Dialogues like “Kitne aadmi the?” / “Ye haath humein de de thakur…”/ “Itna sannata kyun hai bhai..” are still used by people. 

  • Amrish Puri(Mogambo)

India’s sci-fi film Mr. India in 1987 adds a villian to this list. Yes it is, Mogambo. Amrish Puri is most popular for this role. He is mostly referred to as Mogambo by few people. 

Mogambo is a villian with a priceless silver and white den, wearing a bandmaster style gold and black outfit and rings on each finger. Mogambo has a dream of ruling India and a signature dialogue: “Mogambo khush hua!” and his henchmen greet him with “Hail Mogambo!”

  • Danny Denzongpa(Kancha)

Danny Denzongpa played the role of Kancha Cheena in 1990 film, Agneepath opposing a character named Deenanath  Chauhan.

Kancha is a drug barol on an island named Mandwa near Mumbai. He tries to stop any social or economic improvempent in Mandwa so that he could continue his business.

His most hit dialogue was “Apna usool kehta hai… jab dushman ki umar badh jaye to usse dosti karlo, apni umar badh jaati hai.”

  • Kulbhushan Kharbanda(Shakaal)

In 1980 movie Shaan, the character of the main antagonist Shakaal was played by Kulbhushan Kharbanda.  

The character of Shakaal was inspired by the character Blofeld of James Bond, the bald villian. The villian was the epitome of coolness. He had his own island of sharks and crocodiles and not to forget his famcy gadgets. He was wicked and sophisticated at same time.

His most famous dialogue is “Shakaal ke haath mein jitne patte hai, utne hi patte uski asteen mein bhi hote hai…” 

  • Prem Chopra(Prem Chopra)

Prem Chopra in 1973 played the role of the antagonist Prem Chopra in the movie Bobby opposing Rishi Kapoor.

Even though this character was not as strong as compared to Prem Chopra’s previous characters yet he is still remembered by his dialogue “Prem naam hai mera, Prem Chopra.”


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