Ornithophobia -Birds surely are not my best friend

Have you ever just looked up in the sky to see flocks of birds returning peacefully home? Have you ever taken care of a bird? Have you ever listened to the songs they sing? Have you ever noticed the sounds of their flapping wings? How cool and beautiful view to enjoy. Can I say the same thing for everyone? No. Not everyone. few of us fear them. When some of us look up to see them flying back home, we have fear of being attacked by them. We are not idiots. We are sufferers of Ornithophobia.

Few of us have fear due to our past experiences with birds, while others like me have it for no reason. some of us fear just prey birds like eagles and vultures, while others are even afraid of household birds. Surely out there many people are like me. They are sufferers. and to remind you it’s not easy at all. We fear going and soon outdoors are no big for us. Because there are more than 10000 species of birds present out there.

Ornithophobia can cause breathlessness, dizziness, excessive sweating, nausea, inability to speak and think clearly, fear of dying, becoming mad or losing control or full blown anxiety attack. When by chance we confront a bird, it’s a life and death situation for us. Seriously. we might cry, shake or freeze at spot. We take running as an option and hide from it. Sometimes even their sounds terrifies us.

So people don’t laugh at us. We feel bad. I am too being laughed at by the others. I know how it feels. It’s not uncommon. There are many popular cases of ornithophobia. Such as Eminem who is afraid of owls, american actress Lucille Ball, actor/comedian Jonathan Freeman, Scarlett Johansson and Niall Horan who is afraid of pigeons. So those who have fear of birds. It’s okay. I’m also one of you.


8 thoughts on “Ornithophobia -Birds surely are not my best friend

  1. I never realised anybody out there was afraid of birds. I mean, I know people aren’t their biggest fans but I didn’t know there was a Hitchcock-like THE BIRDS type fear. I’m sorry that you have that phobia, that must be extremely inconvenient. I am the total opposite. I’m that person who picks up the diseased pigeon in the park and tries to cure it. I have a story about a sick chicken which I can’t tell you because I don’t want to make you throw up…

    Thanks for the heads up! I’ll keep an eye out for ornithophobes.

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    1. First of all no need to be sorry.
      And you do a good job by curing diseased pigeons. I have a phobia and I’m most scared of pigeons their eyes scaree a lot. Ornithophobia makes it difficult to go out but I can do it by secretly praying they are not going to attack me.

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      1. If it helps, next time you see a pigeon just remember that pigeons are pussies. Honestly, they’re frightened of everything. I usually walk around them because I don’t want to frighten them while they’re in the middle of their delicious crumb meal. I’m like, “Don’t worry pigeon, I’ll walk the long way around. Wouldn’t want to frighten you off. After all it probably took you all day to find that crisp, and it’s so rude to interrrupt while someone’s eating. You carry on!”

        Now I sound like a crazy person who talks to pigeons in her head.

        Never mind!

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